Friday, August 19, 2022

I Am Returning Home Today!

                  Today, I return home to get back to my routine with ChrisBOnTheWeb! It has been a fun trip and I am ready to get back to normal again but nothing is ever normal for me, something is always happening for me and I am always busy doing things. However I still got a job to do when I get back but reminder that I will be starting back up start of the week, Sunday or Monday morning, depending how I am feeling and if I am ready to go and I know I will not take a long time to get things rolling once again. I know it's still a long road ahead of me and it needs to be done and quite quickly. I also have to remember that Entertainment Man Podcast is in the mix and is important as well to get done and out as that is on the schedule. 

                   So I am back as of tonight and cannot wait to fill you guys in on what I did during my time away as I always love sharing what I did on my vacation. I will be splitting it up into 2 - 3 days during next week so this way it isn't overwhelming as I wanna try and split up the days as it would be too much to do in 1 blog so I am splitting things up, makes things a ton easier for you guys. I  happy to be coming home, was a nice break for me to not worry about work related things and just sit back and enjoy myself. I  need to have more me time from time to time as I am a workaholic and I openly and admit it. Anyways that is the final post for the week, I will talk to you all on Monday, have a great weekend!


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