Friday, August 26, 2022

End of The Week Updates [08-26-2022] (And We're Back!)

                      We are back to End of The Week Updates after being off the last week or two now since having COVID and also away on holidays, I haven't been the greatest for updates. I do not remember when the last update was but made some changes to the website and what not but here are the updates:

Website: You probably noticed the website looks a bit different. First the collab has suddenly disappeared here on the website and don't fret it is still here on the website, it's hiding under Podcast Archives which the word is clickable and it will take you to it or it's under "On Demand" if you guys wanna find it. Right now I am remaining silent right now on the project and keeping things under the table as there is some key issues going on with the collab that Larry and I need to iron out but it is still on the site and isn't going anywhere anytime soon.  Also the team page has just been updated at this moment. Also under "Podcasts (Audio)" I have added the "Collaboration Podcast" as an opportunity is coming up for me and more details is coming soon.

Entertainment Man Podcast: I am already worked on episodes this week and sounds like it will be a topic but the following week, I plan on doing one or two interviews to do. I am waiting for to schedule one and I plan on booking another one next week as well.  It'll all work out in the end and excited to be doing more interviews right now, the more interviews the longer the podcast is on the air. 

Guest Podcast Appearance: I have a guest podcast appearance next week and I will be providing you guys information this weekend on Social Media where you can listen to it live and where can you listen to it through the Audio ONLY when that comes up and if it is Tuesday or later next week then I will definitely do a post hyping up the interview.  I am excited for this interview and I believe is the 3rd interview I've done this year where I've been the guest. I am not going to give full information yet but stay tuned for more information!

                   Those are the updates, not much, the same old stuff happening. I know I am not talking much about the collab and keeping quiet on the progress but maybe, just maybe I will do a post showing all the notes that has been done for you guys as I hope by Mid October to be done all the seasons or close to finish hopefully but we will see. Anyways I will talk to you tomorrow for a special post, have a great rest of your day and start to your weekend.


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