Saturday, August 27, 2022

Fleetwood Mac and Tom Petty Tribute Concert!

              Once again, I went to a tribute concert for Fleetwood Mac and Tom Petty and it was fun. We weren't sure with my mom still coughing but her coughing has been better now since Tuesday morning so we went to this concert. That is why I went off the clock between 6 and 1030 pm the other night and was away from social media for that time but either way it was a mash up of two bands or band and artist depending which way they were going for with the concert and I may not know. First was Fleetwood Mac which In love and have some songs on my iTunes here in the studio computer which is awesome honestly. Few Honorable mentions "Go Your Own Way" and also "Don't Stop, Thinking About Tomorrow" two of my favourite songs and a lot of the singers, the one guy on guitar sounded like him too which was really good and the other lady sounded just like Stevie Nicks so that was really cool.

             The second part of the show after the intermission was Tom Petty who passed away in 2017. It was also really good music, there was at least 2 songs I knew so these two bands I didn't know a lot of the songs but I mean a few popular ones and I need to listen to more of their songs honestly but the two songs I mentioned are: "Free Fallin" & "Won't Back Down" and maybe that is because those are the two songs my dad played in the car on our travels perhaps and the reason why I know those 4 tunes. All in all, the concert was great and I enjoyed it all. The nice topper was we got to sign Happy Birthday to one singer as it was his birthday on the night we actually went so it was extra nice I'm sure for that. That is today's post and I will talk to  you on Monday!


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