Monday, August 29, 2022

Kars on King & Auto Fest 2022!

              As you guys know, I was at Kars on King and Auto Fest back on the weekend so this is a two part in one post for you guys. So first let's talk about Kars on King:

              This is the first time for Kars on King and also Auto Fest. Kars on King was in the downtown of my hometown here and it was a lot of fun! A lot of cars there, some honourable mentions the Austin Mini aka Mr. Bean car. Also there was great music that was being played in the middle of the entire setup which was awesome. Was a nice way to spend the entire evening in the downtown with my parents as I went with both of them Friday evening. Our local station was there too and playing good tunes as well. We have a great time but was tired at the end of it.

            Now the next day, Saturday, my dad and I went down to the lake for Auto Fest which a lot of the cars were there from the previous night. Anyways it was a busy venue a lot of people there and always nice to see a ton of people. There was a ton of cars there this year and it seemed very endless. I saw a Studebaker car, saw a nice Thunderbird, Trans Am, Mr. Bean car was there from the previous night (lol), bunch of Beetles and much more. The one thing we did not see was an Edsel which I saw I think it was Thursday or Friday afternoon when I was out on my own on the bus, so I was a little disappointed by  that but it is what it is. We had fun and to end the few hours we had together, we had some Poutine together which consists fries, cheese, cheese curds and gravy which is great and yes it is a Canadian thing actually. Anyways that is the post for today, I hope you guys enjoyed this and I will talk to you guys tomorrow!



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