Wednesday, August 31, 2022

No Power Rangers Collab Podcast News Yet!

              As you guys know, I've been very, very quiet with Power Rangers Collab and maybe I have been too quiet. Once and a while I need to update you guys what is going on but I cannot right now as I haven't nor yet spoken to Larry about the end of July and my fear of him getting COVID cause of my not so smart move of not wearing a mask. Kind of why I haven't said much minus the photo I posted of the actual notes finished for Megaforce which I am now on Super Megaforce at this moment. Soon as those are done I move onto the next two season and so forth. I hope to get a little ahead so all him and I need to do is record. So we're locked for from 2021 (last year) to January 1st, 2025. I have been very topsy turvey with the collab whether it'll continue on and been worried and stressing myself out whether the collab will continue or will end up the same fate as The Entertainment Man Talk Show was but I know it will continue and it doesn't help my mental health and to be honest, I worry way too much these days. Life is too short to be worried 24-7.

                Anyways, I am rambling, what matters, I am staying committed to the project and taking things one day at a time and really have been totally into the collab and really working hard and fast on the project while we wait as Larry and I have some things to discuss when he gets back onto social media, especially the fact I was sick 2 days later after seeing him and I know it wasn't him that gave it to me, it was elsewhere. So that is the reason why we've been very quiet and to be honest this is the only updates you guys will get is when I complete a season, I just like to brag how hard I've worked and I know by the time he's back, we can discuss whether we are going to move forward to him being in studio or if we are going back to Skype temporarily till we feel comfortable with him back but more news is coming by the end of sometimes in October to what the plan is moving forward with this collab. Reason the collab is now hiding in the Podcasts Archives right now is cause of the uncertainty of the collab, whether we will continue in studio or go back to Skype till January. That is the update on this as I have been asked a ton about the collab and why it's been silent lately and I will talk to you all tomorrow!


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