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Thursday, January 25, 2024

Chris is taking the rest of the week off.

               Not sure what is going on with Chris right now. He's apparently sick with who knows what! Don't think it's COVID. He would of been coughing already. People mad at him for no reason. I am just lost for words. With him feeling off a bit he's decided to take time away for the rest of the week. He seems to not be able to stay healthy whatsoever. Once a year he has his yearly illness. But it is a lesson he's going to wear his mask more often when he's out and about as cases have indeed gone back up here in Ontario so better safe than sorry.

             He continues to finish up the Power Rangers Podcast for 2 weeks today, plus working on Entertainment Man Podcast notes, including the chat with Shane Flannigan, Eric (possibly) and Justin and Larry. Hope he is feeling better soon and he's able to keep working while he's sick but mostly hope he takes care of himself first before working. What I heard he's doing a tad better today, it could of been just a really bad bout of mental exhaustion but it could of been just a small head cold but he played it safe at this point cause both of them sick means no recordings for now. He made the right decision. However he will be active on Social Media and has asked me to do todays blog on top of my usual and always appreciate the opportunity and will chat with you all tomorrow. 

Kelsie, Community Director

Friday, October 20, 2023

End of The Week Updates [10-20-2023]

             Well, I am certainly not Kelsie. She has made the decision to resign from the team, so as you may all know from the posts especially on Facebook, I have been named the next community manager even though it seems like old community managers seem to be coming back all the time. But I can guarantee, I am here to stay on a permanent basis. Now to the updates: Chris has been so busy with events and changing things around the community to a point he's not yet even worked on Power Rangers. He's been stalling up to yesterday he has actually gotten some episodes done and today as well and he hope to have it all watched by end of the weekend to start typing so him and Larry can start recording in the new layout of the studio. 

           As you know and this happened prior to me coming back onto the team as Community Manager, Site Admin & Graphic Designer which we came up with a better title called "Community Director" which will entails what I mentioned, answering the emails, work on the website and graphical ends which isn't too often but weekly mostly. Also the insults towards both Entertainment Man Podcast & The CBOTW Show is getting old. Chris is fed up and he's been threatening to discontinue the podcasts. We do not want that as that has been the heart and soul into ChrisBOnTheWeb Media lately. Those are the updates and please do not be so rough on us, we really don't care about the ratings its more about the views and feedback we go by. We've had a lot of great feedback on the show and the views have been there. Any insults will result in being blocked, just a friendly reminder and I will speak to you all next week for another end of the week updates.

- Mark, Community Director