Tuesday, April 20, 2021

How Am I Post First Dose Vaccination?

                   Now that I am almost 2 days vaccinated with the Moderna Vaccine for this virus going around still, I have felt a few things.... First was the really sore arm, then feeling tired all together and that is partially my fault I fell asleep an hour and couldn't sleep anymore so I was up the entire night until 430 am EDT when I finally fell asleep up to 11 am this morning. That probably is one of the side effects of this vaccination as I have been warned about this well before getting vaccinated and even on the day of the nurse, she warned me there could be side effects and I thought nah that won't be me. Well I got a little too cocky on that as two of those symptoms hit me and normally I do not get symptoms that especially with the flu shot but this one is different really. However I feel great and soon as I ate something today I got my strength back and I think it had to do with the fact I didn't eat anything and I made a run to the corner store for something and mow the lawn and went to the lake to see freighters the Vectis Pride and Federal Bering ships that are in there so I just didn't care if I was tired and I know it's already catching up to me quite quickly. 

               I know the second dose will be a ton stronger and I am probably going to feel more affects of it but never know we will have to wait and see, I am quite a very strong person when it comes to getting needles and what not, especially getting flu shot which I haven't had since the year after I had the flu. Anyways I hope I do sleep a ton better tonight and more then I did last night and I have a feeling I am going to pass the heck out after supper and that's ok, just hope I stay sleeping right through till 3 or 4 am tomorrow and get back into a more steadier sleep and I believe the wanting to sleep a bunch and always tired has to do with the vaccine. It has hit me a little bit and if that's gonna be the setback for a few days, I will try to work as much as possible with taking breaks inbetween. That is todays post and I am sorry it's late but we had a mishap with post scheduling this morning. We will be back on time on tomorrow.


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