Monday, April 19, 2021

ChrisBOnTheWeb Weekly Updates [04-19-2021]

 Another week has begun which means it is time for another Weekly Update and I have a ton of updates to give you all. We have indeed been busy with getting more content out for you guys and adding stuff and updating the entire website to make sure it is up to date but here are the updates to the website:

Website: Friday morning during the night before Friday morning hit, I updated the Schedule Page with the schedule changes with Podcast content so to speak and we have added a Podcast to the list which I will get into below. Also we rearranged the Team Page and had to move someone around which again I will get down below. 

The CBOTW Show: Big Brother Canada is now in it's home stretch and Chris and Jasmine continue with 2 shows a week up to the end of Week # 9 of BBCAN9 then they head into Week # 10 with an Wednesday Podcast Recording session with it going up Thursday at some point of the day and Thursday night Episode recording session which could more then likely be live on Facebook depending if Larry is present and if they can stay live without an issue with it. Also Big Brother Australia is coming up fast and Boss Man Chris and Jasmine are working on getting Chris S ready for his debut episode with his Cast Assessment Podcast and scheduling for Big Brother Australia Recaps in the scheduling for the next 9 weeks which probably will still be up and running during the Big Brother US 23 airing. Also be on the lookout for the 3 year Anniversary Podcast with Larry, Boss Man Chris and Jasmine coming as they will be recording it on the Anniversary and more then likely live on our Facebook Fan Page. We are looking for hosts for The Amazing Race, The Amazing Race Canada, Survivor and The Simpsons Recaps on our Network so if interested to fill out the form here: 

Sports Hour W/ Billy: Yes this is a name that is familiar with ChrisBOnTheWeb and we tried bringing this into production and after much debate where to place Billy on the team, Chris has greenlit this project once again and will be up on the platforms on Wednesdays @ 6 pm EST and this is the permanent time and day it will be going up for you. It will be Audio ONLY, will be found here on and other Audio ONLY Platforms the podcast is being distributed to. 

Power Rangers Podcast (Within The CBOTW Show): It has been a long debate for Executive Producer, Chris B, Larry and Senior Producer Jasmine to bringing this podcast back onto the Network and he has been hinting it returning and it so obviously the podcast that has been on Hiatus for almost 5 months now. Also the fact the 05.20.2021 date he posted in that cryptic message he posted it is so obvious that is what he is hinting is the return of that podcast finally. We will have to wait and see if that is what he has planned when he's ready to announce the return of the Podcast. 

                 Those are the updates I have for you guys today and I appreciate you all reading this post and the boss man will be back tomorrow and he has some great posts this week as he is going on almost one day since being vaccinated fully and I am sure he will be talking about it tomorrow but I will catch you all next week!

Matt, Site Admin

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