Monday, April 26, 2021

ChrisBOnTheWeb Weekly Updates [04-25-2021]

                Another week has gone by and honestly disappointed on some of the things that has happened and most part Chris's Mental Health and Safety is up most importance. As you know The CBOTW Show abruptly has ended production a week and a half from Finale of Big Brother Canada 9. Could of finished off this season at the most. I know a lot of you were upset some more then anything else and I understand that is why Chris hasn't said anything to anyone or the team since Saturday late to me at the most after all of this happened.  He is nowhere to be found and he is really, really upset about this as he has worked so hard on the project the last few months. He told me he made a mistake and should of kept running Entertainment Man Podcast and the series would of continued to run. He had to let go two people and wasn't happy to make this decision. has been completely overhauled, the team page re done and apparently Chris's picture went from black and white to color again and that wasn't me that did it, I left it at the bottom till this Saturday. 

             Also the Interviews section removed all together and the Podcasts section was updated with Entertainment Man Podcast, Collaboration Podcasts, Power Rangers Collab Podcast and Sports Hour With Billy are listed here on the website. I do not even know or can tell you guys if Chris will be back to blogging tomorrow or I will end up filling in this week. We will have to wait and see. I just hope he's OK and so much has happened over the weekend and I am disappointed in what has happened and really was hoping to see an amazing end to a great season but Chris has to do what's best for him in the end. Those are the only real updates for this week and I might see you tomorrow on the next post but it depends how he is feeling.

Matt, Site Admin

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