Friday, April 23, 2021

1 Week Tomorrow, I Return As Owner of ChrisBOnTheWeb!

                1 Week tomorrow, I am making my return as Owner of ChrisBOnTheWeb & It has been a long coming to get back to what I was doing as Owner and excited to be returning. It will be almost 2 months I have been away from the day to day operations and been in contact with Matt and the rest of the team while I was away so I was involved with advising if they needed advice on any of the decisions with the website this goes for Chelsea and Charlotte who were with us for weeks to a month or months at the most. I intended to stay in touch and why they are in our private Staff chat groups and what not. Yes this means I will be wearing my white tags again which has been put away in the top drawer but will be pulling it out end of next week and putting it back on Saturday morning as I will be back fully not just Executive Producing and Hosting Podcasts but as your Founder and Owner for nearly the last 7 years!

               I wanna thank, past site admins and our current Site Admin, Matt for watching over the website, I know we have had a bad turn over with Site Admins but they have been what has kept the website and the team running smoothly for nearly the last 2 months while I was away getting better and dealing with my Mental Health. I think it is what I needed was to take time away from the day to day operations and just focus on Executive Producing and Hosting duties for a little bit which I did very, very well. What is going to happen to Matt now that I am returning as Owner? Well he will be strictly on his Site Admin duties moving forward and continue to maintain and improve the website on a day to day basis and he already has with the Team Page now update fully once again earlier this week as it was out of date. Any further questions do not hesitate to contact us on our Facebook Fan Page, Twitter or Instagram. Have a great weekend and I will speak to you all on Tuesday!


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