Thursday, April 22, 2021

Minecraft Updates

                 I know from the original world my nephew and I well the game completely crashed itself as we put way too much in the world. You can say it, we literally broke Minecraft. I think we had way too many blocks given to a player. Anyways fast forward to today, we re created the world and it is 10x better then the original. We have the same main house plus now a horse palace where we house our wonderful horses including Billy Whiteshoes Johnson and Lighting III which Billy is glassed in for good and will never be used for travel as he is a permanent stay in the property and it was hard for me to find him in a world and I do not want anything to happen to him and right next to the Stables building is the infamous Office building which is still incomplete as I ran into a roadblock with it the water elevator accidently blew up and water all over the floor and out of the building (LOL!) Also a creeper also blew up a part of the second floor on top of the 4th floor so I made those repairs to the office and continue to work on the building here and there as there is a ton of floors, we're talking 10 floor building and it is a more complex building then the original one. Now below all the buildings in my area is the garden center and farm with animals. The ceiling is kegged with sea lamps which looks very epic. I have yet to put the sea lamps in the house and the map wall back up as well but work in progress!

              On the one side is my nephew's little but cute house and just behind it is the spawner that is half working but something doesn't seem to be right as every time they drop they die so I need to figure that part out why that is happening. With my nephew's help we build the Obsidian wall that is like very, very high. He put lighter purple obsidian like a castle which is cool with water and lava falls and I can see our raiders as we keep getting raided with these dudes with cross bows which our resident villagers with Golems to protect us but every time we get raided the Villagers freak out and go nuts. Those are the updates and it has been a crazy time with this game and has gotten wild and crazy. I will see you in another post tomorrow. 


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