Monday, November 7, 2022

Already Planning for 2023!

           With this being the 2nd last month of the year, I have started to think about the future of ChrisBOnTheWeb for 2023. As you guys know the schedule for the collab it does mark the end of an era for seasons for us as we will be wrapping up 29 seasons by the end of the next year which brings us to 2024 where we will be doing a podcast for Season 30 in February 2024 which will mean we will be caught up. We are not sure what's next for the series but we will cross that bridge when it comes. We possible could be speeding up the process if we really want to with seasons and it could be a possibility but again we will see how far we get with prep work. 

            Entertainment Man Podcast is not changing whatsoever for 2023 just that minor extension to the bonus but you knew that already. I probably didn't mention that Larry and I will be covering two of the Power Ranger Movies but not till near the mid year at the most. However I've got a plan and without that I would be clueless what I am doing. I do need to write some episodes for Entertainment Man so I have a couple for the start of next year but I will definitely make some time for them as I got maybe 100 or a little more but that is my post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow! 


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