Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Not 100% sure on the plan for The CBOTW Show...

                As you all know The CBOTW Show is returning and I have some things ironed out in the back of my head but the contents of the podcast what I want to cover and how to try and do something once a month but right now it is sporadic. I have spoken about even Survivor recap but would have to find someone to do it as right now I am all tied up with Entertainment Man Podcast, Power Rangers Collab and now running the day to day operations of The CBOTW Show. I am not going to rush it really. I also considered doing Big Brother and Big Brother Canada recaps again just keep it a week but there will be terms with it. 

              I mean you will be in charge of editing the episodes, have a computer laptop, good microphone as I can say it will be Audio ONLY and there will be no Video (YouTube) in the mix this time around as I already have one to run as it is. However, you want to make a deal I'd consider it but for right now it will be Audio ONLY at this time.  It is better then video but don't get me wrong its done just fine for Entertainment Man. Anyways I do not know the direction to go yet and we have 6 months till launch, but maybe sooner? If it is 6 months, you can do the math and figure out when the initial start is. I will talk to you all tomorrow for another podcast. 



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