Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Annual Christmas Lights Stream 2022 [CANCELLED????]

             Well with the ban still on going with the Facebook Community, I have made the decision to just cancel the lighting of the studio, unless I go live on Twitter and Instagram perhaps and the decision is unknown right now. I need to decide what to do.  I would have to change the setup for it to happen and how would I be able to stream to both perhaps or I could possible do CBOTW Studios Channel for streaming these things perhaps but then I need 1k to have the ability to stream via mobile so it would be impossible unless I actually put one of the cameras on the tripod and stream to that channel.

            Now it'd be only a few short days till I actually stream and honestly I will be at 0 subscribers... Yes 0 subscribers and starting from the start once again. Just hard to do that and ask everyone to subscribe to the second channel and it is hard enough with the "Entertainment Man Podcast" to maintain so it is enough for me to deal with and the Facebook Fan Page seems to be more popular to stream to but I may do Instagram I do not know. To be honest I think I will just cancel the stream for this year as I am currently banned so at this point the STREAM is CANCELLED. I'm sorry I had to do this but maybe next year I will plan on streaming it again perhaps and I promise to make up at a later date. Anyways that is the post, I will talk you guys tomorrow.


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