Friday, November 18, 2022

End of The Week Updates [11-18-2022]

              Another week has concluded and it is time once again for the end of the week updates. Been a busy and hectic week this week here at the studio and still mass chaos is pursuing especially today but here is the updates:

Entertainment Man Podcast: Recorded another interview and today I am primarily focusing on editing done both video and audio that to get it done and ready for this Sunday. 

Power Rangers Collab: With Larry and I now in post production, this weekend will be primarily focused heavily on the collab and getting it edited and ready to be posted up which a post is coming up Monday on that but sounds like either Tuesday or Thursday next week for it being released perhaps. 

Website: The website has once again changed again, On Demand is now Podcasts and YouTube Channel has moved to the renamed "Archives" Tab that is now called On Demand and will remain there for the duration.

             Those are the updates for this week, just the usual, I will talk to you guys on Monday, have a wonderful weekend and as always I will talk to you all Monday morning!


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