Thursday, November 10, 2022

Am I Getting Close To A New PC?

            I am nowhere close and I wanna try and save up a lot more just in case the price does go up so there is so leeway and I do need another screen as the old PC is going to be just a work computer for notes and what not. That is besides the point but I am nowhere near a new computer yet and I have to keep and try on speeding up the computer and it's hanging in there the old girl seems to keep on going for almost a 9 year old machine as you probably remember me mentioning that I got the machine in April... ish 2014 so almost 10 years but I'd like a faster machine for podcasting and gaming.

           So the answer I am not ready to get that new computer and hopefully soon I can get this big purchase out of the way but I am close to the 5k mark in saving so getting there and it takes time to save up and recently added a good amount and when I get the new machine but again it will be quite some time till I get it but in the meantime that is the post for today and I will talk to you tomorrow. 


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