Wednesday, November 23, 2022


               After a long, long hiatus with The CBOTW Show, it is OFFICIALLY Returning! I was asked on Chatty Geek Hidden Dragon if it is on other platforms and that got me really thinking and I had to sleep on it. I woke up Saturday morning wanting to reboot the beloved podcast. Now I know Power Rangers Collab is near the end of it's run with seasons as their has been talk about Season 30 being the last season and they are focusing on the movies for the time being which after season 30, it leaves Larry and I with one off podcasts. Any of the movies from the franchise will be on The CBOTW Show along with future shows Larry and I cover or any shows I wanna do with other people, even Ivy wants to do one so I am going to keep my promise to her. 

                Now the return date isn't confirmed but more then likely in May 2023 is when the first episode will more then likely drop. I know it will not be always active, will be sporadically and I think I will post it to just Castbox & iTunes for the time being and if things pick up where it is more active then I plan on expanding everywhere else but baby steps this time. I do not wanna make the mistake I did before. Honestly it is hard for me to try and expand cause of being screwed over more then once. Anyways that is the post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow!


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