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Thursday, March 28, 2024

Our Process With Podcasting

              This blog post was inspired and requested by Reena who was on my podcast several weeks ago so big shoutout to her. Podcasting is a lot of work from the pre-production to the production to post production so I want to break this blog down to 3 parts from our perspective:

Pre-Production: Getting an idea whether it is a topic or getting a guest for Entertainment Man Podcast or a movie or TV show to recap for The CBOTW Show, it all starts with an idea. The creating podcast notes for the episodes and it comes from the idea, I have to come up with at least 4 - 6 pages of notes especially for Entertainment Man Podcast. Now The CBOTW Show comes with a movie or TV Show, then watching the TV Show or movie and taking notes.

Production: Is getting the episode recorded. It is basically sitting down and recording. Now not every episode for Entertainment Man Podcast is LIVE on the air but other then that it is pre-recorded. Production side, Entertainment Man Podcast is both YouTube-Video/Audio ONLY and The CBOTW Show is just on Audio ONLY.

Post Production: Editing the video/audio only for Entertainment Man Podcast and Audio Only for The CBOTW Show making sure it is to my liking for publishing. Which brings to the next point I use my Corel Studio Video Studio for editing the video and Audacity for the audio. The next thing I want to mention is scheduling the podcast, putting in the tags both on YouTube and Audio, also posting it on the website on the day of. The last part I want to share is clipping the best moments, even though I've had hate but that's been the best part of the views on the channel and gets people more interested. The clips though are just for video side of things, YouTube/TikTok and sometimes Facebook/X/Instagram from time to time. 

              So that is OUR process as podcasters in our network and what we go through a week to week basis. Quite a journey that we go through together. Again big shoutout to Reena for this idea and I will talk to you all tomorrow about The CBOTW Show that is bothering me at this moment. 


Wednesday, January 12, 2022

What Is The Plan With The Tripod?

                 As you guys know I have a tripod in the studio now and your probably wondering what it is going to be used for? Well those on our my FB Community Group, I have been live and I think I will keep to a sporadic schedule as not many people have listened in and I think going live when I have some news is the way to go for now and yes I know I said I was going to be more interactive but I meant in comments and engagement in posts for the most part. I will be live but it will be when I need to go live. That is only the live portion of what I have planned with this. I also will be planning on taking pictures with the tripod as there is two units I have on the tripod, one for the IPhone and the other for either the Canon camera or the Fujifilm which is a more professional out of the two cameras. 

                The other portion is to do videos for which is a big part of it and there are videos already on the list and I got 2 on the list and ready to go for the next couple of Saturdays meaning this Saturday and the next Saturday as well. That is the plan for the tripod and I can say it makes life so much easier production wise when it comes to that. Also I just found this out that my web cam can hook up to the tripod so when Larry returns whenever that is we will have to try that out and see how it works out.  However I can try it out on my own too and I am going to with a pending recording session tomorrow night which is definitely exciting. That is my post for today, hope you guys enjoyed this and thanks for reading and I will talk to you all tomorrow. 


Wednesday, January 5, 2022

I Purchased A Few Things Since Christmas!

             As you guys know I have made some purchases recently which was all from gift cards I got over Christmas. First is the pop filter which is now in use and really makes the podcast sound even more crisp and no more problems with certain letters in my speech. Next, I purchased a tripod not just for behind the scenes here in the studio nor updates but also for pictures as you know since the start of this pandemic, I have been taking a ton more pictures then anything else and right now that isn't going to be a thing with it now in the winter season the pictures are not happenining as much. Only issue with that is the mount for the phone, I can't mount it but I have corrected it as I was using the mount incorrectly. It is still crooked and woobly but in time I will get it corrected but love the fact I can free up CPU and just stream via my mobile phone now and have it mounted on the tripod which makes life so much easier!

             The last thing I got a new editing program, Corel Video Studio PRO 2021 so it came out last year but still it is very much a newer program but started to get into the program and the music pretty cool different from the old Corel and still need to explore on this program but I can say this; it is similar with the old program but it is blue background instead on this and I think this has a bunch more layers then the other one so it definitely makes a difference but it'll take some time to use it and right now it will be used for editing the ends of the video podcast. I am not ready to start studio updates and Power Rangers Collab Podcast behind the scenes but in the coming weeks I plan to launch those two pages as well. That is my post for today, thanks for reading and I will talk to you all tomorrow!