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Wednesday, January 5, 2022

I Purchased A Few Things Since Christmas!

             As you guys know I have made some purchases recently which was all from gift cards I got over Christmas. First is the pop filter which is now in use and really makes the podcast sound even more crisp and no more problems with certain letters in my speech. Next, I purchased a tripod not just for behind the scenes here in the studio nor updates but also for pictures as you know since the start of this pandemic, I have been taking a ton more pictures then anything else and right now that isn't going to be a thing with it now in the winter season the pictures are not happenining as much. Only issue with that is the mount for the phone, I can't mount it but I have corrected it as I was using the mount incorrectly. It is still crooked and woobly but in time I will get it corrected but love the fact I can free up CPU and just stream via my mobile phone now and have it mounted on the tripod which makes life so much easier!

             The last thing I got a new editing program, Corel Video Studio PRO 2021 so it came out last year but still it is very much a newer program but started to get into the program and the music pretty cool different from the old Corel and still need to explore on this program but I can say this; it is similar with the old program but it is blue background instead on this and I think this has a bunch more layers then the other one so it definitely makes a difference but it'll take some time to use it and right now it will be used for editing the ends of the video podcast. I am not ready to start studio updates and Power Rangers Collab Podcast behind the scenes but in the coming weeks I plan to launch those two pages as well. That is my post for today, thanks for reading and I will talk to you all tomorrow!