Friday, February 23, 2024

End of The Week Updates [02-23-2024]

              It is time for another end of the week updates. Chris had Larry at the Studio and originally the plan wasn't to record a podcast but they recorded a half hour podcast talking about Mean Girls Reboot. Now because the movie is fresh for us, they have decided to NOT release it till around May 8th what he's told me. So today he's editing this morning and by now he is working on Power Rangers Dino Fury Finally as he is about to reach the end of an era for the podcast and they will be moving on to other projects. 

              As you may noticed the Facebook group has been phased out all together and we have brought back the Discord Server. Now Chris isn't as involved with the server and he's online but hides offline. That is because he has been very, very busy with work and he has been working hard on content lately to finish things up and quickly. The end goal is to be finished Dino Fury by end of next week then Cosmic Fury by the following Wednesday. What he's told me he is ready to finish things up so he can officially move on with things. Those are the basic updates, we hope you have a wonderful weekend, I will be back next Friday for another end of the week updates.

- Kels

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