Saturday, February 29, 2020

What Did I Think About The Rotating School Strike?

               What did I think of the rotating 1 day strike? Well for one it was ridiculous and there was weeks where my niece and nephew were out twice in a week which I feel like that the kids out of school they lose valuable time learning. Now it seems to be not happening as much as maybe a deal has been made or even the teachers forced back to work? Honestly, there hasn't been much but I say good, the kids get the education they need. Definitely they need the education. Honestly when I was in school a long time ago, like 14 years ago was the last time I was, I do not even remember having a strike. However keeping them out of school too long isn't good and plus the school year can be extended if this kept on going. However I shouldn't be complaining, they could of been out of school completely and losing even more valuable time learning in the classroom. This is why when my parents and I had the kids on a rotating strike day, I always do some math or spelling with them to keep their minds fresh, especially for when they return to school.

               Honestly, I think things died down with the rotating strikes but I just found out that there will  be more rotating strikes next week. Honestly can't they wait till the summer to deal with the contract disputes. Yes I realize they want more money which is normally the case with the teachers. However this is the high schools not the elementary as my niece and nephew are in elementary. Either way doesn't matter if it is elementary or high school level, the kids need their education and that is the most important thing. This also goes for college and I was one that had to the deal with a strike on my last year of college which stunk and actually if I remember correctly being almost 8 years ago, I went to class without support as you guys know I have autism and I had the extra help but the support staff were on strike but I still attended and managed on my own terms. But the strike I had to deal with was everyday of the week which meant I had to fend for myself.  The point is it stinks and I know how the kids feel and just hope this can be resolved very soon so things can get back to normal.


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