Monday, May 4, 2020

Chris B On The Web Weekly Update [05-03-2020]

                    Here is your updates for this week. What another crazy week for us here at ChrisBOnTheWeb.  We continue to social distance ourselves here in Ontario and we continue to keep the studio in complete lock down for right now we have made some progress with some new features on the website. So let's start with the website; we moved very quickly with the website and it took us a few days to get the design of the menu bar working and it does work but we hope to tweak it a bit more but most part it is done.  We are working on the pages now and have gotten Survivor & Big Brother Pages done and finished and moving at a fast pace to getting it done entirely. My team for the website has done a phenomenal job even tho we lost our website admin but another one was hired on but that is besides the point, the point is we are getting things done on a fast pace and hope we can get the job finished and I think if we continue the path we are going right now, we will indeed get even half way done at the most this week. After Survivor, Big Brother pages we got Big Brother Canada, Amazing Race and Amazing Race Canada for the active podcasts then Celeb Big Brother US and Music City CMT for the shows we do not cover anymore as they are no longer on the air. As I said yesterday's post that I am working on Power Rangers and started to watch the show again while working on the page. Now Social Media wise, we have lost followers on both Twitter and Instagram but gained a couple which is good. Instagram we're up and down for the most part but I think the Instagram is more tailored towards my own personal account which I promote still as you guys seem to enjoy my posts about podcasting and just life in General and the only personal account you will see out of it all. Anyways I am very impressed with the progress and I have noticed I have been a little more patience but still have my moments.

                 Now Everything About Reality TV and Power Rangers Podcast is next on the list for updates and there has been a lot of ups and down with trying to figure out shows and came to terms that for right now, to put the podcast on hiatus as of May 15th at midnight which means podcast content will come to a break and right now we will be lacking podcast content but like I said above Power Rangers Podcast isn't on hiatus either as it's possible to get done. Power Rangers Podcast, I'm working on Time Force right now and wanna get it done in a week to week and a half to ensure I can get moving on the next one so we can get typing up the notes and I can forward them to Larry in case we are still in lock down we have a backup plan to record through Discord or Skype. Anyways that is the updates for this week, it's business as usual even tho we hit a roadblock with production with the podcast but it is what it is and we will make the best out of the situation and that is all we can really do.  We are hanging in there and trying to find work to do and keep CBOTW a good flow and we are still going at a strong pace. Anyways I will see you guys in the next post tomorrow have a good rest of your Monday.

- Chris

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