Tuesday, May 5, 2020

When Do I Think The Amazing Race 32 Will Air?

              This clicked into the back of my mind and even had a conversation to one of my followers on Twitter and they said I might be right. So in today's post we will be talking about "when do I think The Amazing Race 32 will air." I was thinking about it in the past week since they made the announcement and honestly I was really upset about it when it first came out but then I started to think about it more and more and I came to a conclusion: I was thinking Survivor more then likely if it does't air and not saying it won't but I am going by the facts which are Survivor filming is on hold till further notice or till they tell us when filming begins and right now they do not want to take a risk honestly as some of their crew is from different parts of the country and could of gotten the virus so I can see why they want to hold it off. I could make the argument that they could test them etc but I know and realize it is better safe then sorry to just postpone for now. Now to the main reason behind this post today, The Amazing Race has been put on hold till later this year and that kind of gave me the idea, well not idea but the fact that they could possibly actually put The Amazing Race in the Fall. Which makes total sense if there is indeed no Survivor this fall, this could make a possible sense. I know what you're going to say you know The Amazing Race is Audio ONLY, and I do realize that.  However we do what we can to bring content and it is unfortunate this is actually happened but it is what it is. 

            I am all for The Amazing Race 32 this fall if this indeed is the plan they got for it and we will have to wait and see but least it won't be a too long of a hiatus but we got some other plans in the works for between the regular seasons and announcement for that is coming. I'm not 100% sure on this though but it is just food for thought really. You never know this could be a true but when else would they air it? Summer? That is another one that could definitely be a great possibility really. There  is so many different possibilities really to when this is going to air.  Could be a month down the road later as maybe no Big Brother 22 as there hasn't been an announcement yet could be a variety of different ideas that could be a factor in when the show is on the air. All we know we are waiting on the news and just gotta keep being patient during this really. We will find out in due time what the plan is and I honestly getting eager to watch it honestly.

- Chris

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