Saturday, May 2, 2020

Weight Loss & Personal Update [05-02-2020]

              This is a two in one update for today's post. First with the Weight Loss Update. Now as you know, I have been trying to lose weight and honestly hasn't been easy whatsoever to lose weight and recently been down to 226 pounds but it seems to fluctuate and I need to remember I have to watch what I eat, especially in the evenings and yesterday I had Ice Cream with Butter Scotch and definitely not the right move but I should allow myself at least one fat day and didn't do that recently. So I have been fluctuating from 226 - to 228 and I really need to start losing the weight. I only had breakfast yesterday as I wasn't really hungry at Lunch time which is fine really. That sometimes makes a difference at times. However I am trying the hardest I can to lose the weight and to be honestly, I need to work harder at it. I will lose the weight don't worry even if I need to cut back on things like eating after dinner and not done much of that really recently. 

                Now the personal update that you guys are wanting to know. How have I been, dealing with being locked in the house pretty much almost 24 hours a day, 7 days a week minus my weekly trips to the corner store and walks around the area? I am hanging in there, I am in good positive spirits. I am happier then I have been and honestly been busy with Chris B On The Web and preparing things which I will get into Monday on a post. I have remained busy with the website with website stuff. Other then CBOTW, I am staying inside playing games with my parents and going for walks with my mom or walking on my own for 30 - 45 minutes. Finally I have been watching TV Shows with my mom, Family Feud with Steve Harvey aka Baldy as I call him. So you can see I have been keeping busy and occupied and found myself playing games such as Grand Theft Auto 4 the main story, currently on the Lost Boys and the one with Tony in it. I will do a review when I have completed it.  Also relearned how to play Chinese Checkers and also Sorry as it has been ages since I played it, same with Rummi Cube I have had to learn how to play it again but I found the knack of it pretty fast. So either I am fine and very much healthy same with my family, were staying home and if we're outside were on our property for the most part minus shopping every week to every 2 weeks.


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