Saturday, May 30, 2020

Plans For Everything About Reality TV 5th Anniversary

                   I know this has been an on going question since we hit the New Year what the plan is with the Podcast's 5th Anniversary on September 24th, 2020 of this year? Yes we are planning something and with the podcast between seasons, we just haven't thought about anything really. If I cannot get the entire Everything About Reality TV Team on, then it would be just Larry and I that record. However the reason I have kept a lot of information from you guys is not because I don't wanna give you guys information I do but right now it comes down to if the video platform will be launched and if Survivor comes back it comes down if we are going to be on YouTube in the fall and the shows is the main reason but we are talking about it behind the scenes it's just a waiting game on shows due to the shows may be held off till next year so we are waiting. However I will be inviting the other hosts on and it is first come and I do not want to over do the podcast guests and probably limit to 3 of us on the podcast but there is still time honestly to go and to decide things.

                   I know 4 months is not a very long time to be honest with you guys and I haven't stopped thinking about this big momentous occasion and I promise you guys we will do something even if video doesn't go through right away but again it depends when to launching the channel, if Big Brother happens in a few weeks from now, Survivor this fall, it comes down to all of that. If we do not launch video for quite sometime from now, then we will be definitely Audio ONLY but we will try and figure it out in the upcoming weeks from now. I got one idea in the back of my mind which I will explain in the upcoming weeks and I think it is a great idea I have. You will see but again if I do this idea then we will be doing the 5th Anniversary Live for sure! More details to come next week in a blog post.

- Chris

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