Sunday, May 31, 2020

Chris B On The Web Weekly Updates [05-31-2020]

                 I know it has been very confusing with things changing constantly and with us figuring things out with the website and content right now especially with Everything About Reality TV. We got some really cool stuff coming to the podcast and no it won't be just me but the other hosts are going to try and come up with ideas for a podcast related to their show. However for this to work, we are making decisions that are tough for us and this is what they are:

1) No Video Platform for Everything About Reality TV until we know what the plan is for Big Brother 22 so video platform is at the stand still for now and right now we are 4 weeks pretty much as of tonight until Big Brother 22 is supposedly to start and we have not been told anything as of yet. Amazing Race Canada, I just do not think it is going to happen at this point, they haven't yet recorded it yet and makes me wonder if they are waiting till things are back to normal or thinking of waiting till next year this is why we are on waiting to announce anything video wise but we know Tough As Nails is a go at this point. 

2) We've added our Hosts as Editors so they can make posts and update you guys on shows and their podcasts. Larry and Jeff are Moderators and able to remove comments. 

3) The next thing I want to address is at this point, Staff wise, I am am going to say for right now is we are not looking for any new Staff at this point. I am very much happy with the team we got right now. I want to keep the team small for right now and at this moment I think it is just the best to grow slowly not fast.

              Right now with Everything About Reality TV going into "Off Season" Mode, we are making the decisions and constantly around the clock trying constantly assessing things and the situation here in Canada and over all the world as the CBOTW Studios remains closed till restrictions are lifted. Those are the updates for the week and I surprised Chris by getting this completed Wednesday of last week many days before this was published on the website. Anyways I will talk to you guys next week, same time as usual. 

- The CBOTW Team

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