Thursday, May 7, 2020

1 Year Ago I Was On A Spring Cruise On The Chi-Cheemaun!

                             So 1 year ago well about days later from the actual 1 year anniversary, to be politically correct 5 days. I went on a Spring Cruise on the Chi-Cheemaun Ferry! Boy what a long but fun trip and it was weird to see snow there. Also the fact Flower Pot was really quiet and just odd to see anyone and plus the town of Tobermory was quiet and never seen a town so silent and quiet. I still remember exactly what we had, potatoes, Roast Beef and some kind of square which I believe was lemon actually.  I know there was a ton of down time between the departure and arrival but I was always looking around especially when I got around the Grotto. One thing I loved was the Captain blasted the Chi Cheemaun again on the way out at the entrance/exit to Owen Sound Harbor. Also those hanging out at the Grotto as there was 1 or 2 people there if I remember correctly.  I believe there was a few people even in Tobermory when we arrived to greet the boats arrival for the brand new Ferry Sailing Season. Feels like it has been longer then 1 year and definitely a memorable moment. It was neat we got to enter through a side hatch on the side of the ferry which is a very rare occurrence as you normal enter from the "bow" or "stern" as that is the proper terms or the side ramp either side Tobermory or South Baymouth (Manitoulin Island). It was amazing to see what a great turn out it had and unfortunately the ferry service is on hold due to our situation with the virus but glad I got go last year with my dad and my dad traveled from pretty far from the South East end of Ontario like 3 hours away from here. 

                           I would love to complete it all and do the Fall Cruise with my dad next year which would be pretty beautiful up there but we would have to book a hotel and get a school bus from Owen Sound and up to Tobermory. I am on their social media pages liked and following them on a regular updates and asked them questions if I had some. Either way there is 2 more things on my bucket list with Tobermory and that is for another post for another day. It is a fun trip and if you live in Ontario and when this is all done and hopefully things go back to normal, I highly recommend this trip even if it isn't a Spring or Fall Cruise it can be a normal trip from Tobermory to South Baymouth or the southbound trip but it don't matter really what direction but it is worth the time to go up there. Finally I have been doing this trip for ages and like I said there are 3 things still on my bucket list. What the heck really, they are the 2 hour cruise around the islands during the day, exploring Manitoulin more and finally the Fall Cruise. I know the fall cruise will be similar but it will be in the opposite direction which is south down the peninsula.  Either way it was a fun time and I enjoyed it and cannot wait to do the fall one. 

- Chris

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