Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Taking Chris B On The Web More Seriously...

                 I have been thinking about things lately and really taking CBOTW seriously. I want to do things right as the last few months has been really busy for us getting things sorted out since the return of Everything About Reality TV and having three Staff departed on us. Honestly I want staff who are going to commit to our content and that is what we are doing. I know I am all over the place making decisions and deciding what is what right now and like Chris (Reality Teas) told me were trying things out and working around the issues together as a team.  I know things are confusing and you guys got ton of questions with things but in time you guys will know what is going on with the content. As you know Entertainment Man Podcast is put on the wayside right now I know you guys were wondering about that but don't worry you can find it under the archives page if you want to catch it up. With taking things a bit more seriously and making sure we fit every bit and pieces properly. It is a day to day thing and really I know you guys want information and we will give it to you guys. We can say tho we are bringing out content for you guys starting June 3rd, 2020 @ 8 pm EST and yes I am referring to Everything About Reality TV. 

                  Either way I am taking things a bit more seriously and been making changes with the website and added one more member of the team. However you will know more on this weekend's update post. Either way I wanna make sure things run smoothly and with things slowly shifting as we are exploring video platforms again, we have to change schedules around and constantly readjusting the scheduling and I think we got it figured out at this moment I think, no guarantees its is all up to what is going to happen with those two shows. Also I have started a Discord Community which isn't released publicly yet but will make it public soon! Going to get the team on there first before we make things public!


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