Monday, February 4, 2019

Favorite Rock Bands

              First of all, my apologies for not having the blog post up at all yesterday same with the podcast but as you know I am sick and finding it hard to get work done but also I had Larry over so I kind of should of just done a blog and still record but post up the episode today and that was my original thought when I schedule but that is not what I am talking about, I am talking about my Favorite rock bands which is the most easiest as I got a bunch of them on my list and this is why I decided to write this list blog for you guys today: 

1. AC/DC- Ever since hearing Thunderstruck at the Ontario Junior Hockey Games, I instantly loved their tunes. Also Hells Bells Highway to Hell, TNT

2. Metallica- I have heard of a mash up of the well known song Enter Sandman and I listened to the original song but haven't listened to many others tunes by them.

3. Autograph- One of my favorite tunes by this band, Turn Up The Radio which I heard on a broadcaster's channel, however they have passed away unfortunately 4 years ago today. May he R.I.P. Was a great broadcaster too!

4. Beatles- Growing up, my parents introduced me into the oldies listening to CKDO while growing up, I definitely got an appreciation for the older rock and roll which is good I can appreciate modern and older rock. 

5. Hedley- I discovered this band during my time on Riot Radio while being an On-Air Host for them from January to April and I know it's pop and rock but some of the tunes are really rock and I enjoy their music. I don't think I actually have it ripped onto my ITunes right now. 

              There is my list of Rock bands I do like and I do have a bunch more but it would be an endless blog post but is neat to share my list with older and newer and I like the 80's rock a bit too so bit of both. Well a good 90% of these bands are older but there is nothing wrong with that honestly. I am old school for being a Millennial but those who know or didn't know I was born in the 80's so I guess I have to know music from that era too I guess but like I said above my parents got me into the oldies so it is now in my blood and I listen to the oldies plus the newer music as well, so a mix pretty much. What is your Top 10 Rock Bands? Leave it in the comments below and I will be speaking to you guys again tomorrow on tomorrow's blog post which will be an interesting post so to speak.


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