Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Took What I Learned At My College Radio Station and Using It For Podcasting!

             I know it has been at least 8 years since I left College all together and yes I was On Air at their college radio station. So I do have experience in internet radio. However I haven't done radio in 5 years and been mostly focused on podcasting. I have actually taken what I learned from the program director and have started utilizing it. I've taken not having my face too close to the mic and even working with my levels. This is why today I always do sound checks and I can do that with podcasting as for radio you can not as you will have your voice broadcasted over the air but depends on the program you use whether you are Video or Audio ONLY. What I have learned from College Radio is having a script helps a lot and you have to make really good script or notes to what you wanna say on the air. I find it a ton easier to say and you have structure to your shows. Now if your wondering what kind show I had it was an easy listening kind of show. easy rock show, nothing too hard core. I know I have notes still from when I did the show but I was all over the place with genres and now I know to stick to one genre.

              I'm getting a little off track aren't I? Anyways I am proud of myself and being on a College radio station really brought my confidence and ability to host a show whether it was YouTube, Everything About Reality TV or Entertainment Man Podcast & Power Rangers Podcast. This is why I am doing Entertainment Man Podcast is because I want to take all of this knowledge and bestow it upon the new podcasters who are starting out. I wanna help you guys as I have learned from the Program Director when I was an On Air Personality or Host with them. Finally I wanna say I was still in touch with him up to the last year or two then he isn't on Twitter anymore at this moment but I am forever grateful for everything he has done for not just me but all the on air hosts at the station. It will be a memory to have this opportunity to be on the air and it will always stay near and dear to my heart for the rest of my life.


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