Monday, October 19, 2020

Goals I Have For Myself This Week...

               This week is going to be a very busy week for me and I wanna talk about goals that I have for myself this week. Yes even as owner of a website and content creator, I do create goals on a regular basis to ensure the work is done and done right the first time. This week my big focus is on Power Rangers Rangers Collaboration Podcast is that is what the plan is for this week is to finish this up and take a day off before starting Ninja Storm season next as I gotta start those. However the focus right now is to get these notes done so today this is my hopeful plan moving forward to what the plan:

Today (Mon. Oct 19th/20): Get up to EP # 15 of Wild Force typed up, 20 if I really get into a groove today/

Tomorrow (Tues.Oct 20th/20): Get up to 25th episode of the season if I get into a groove to the 30th Episode.

Wed. Oct 21st/20: Get up to 35th Episode if possible of me getting into a groove get it completely done.

Thurs. Oct 22nd/20: Finish up the notes, spell check them, print em and send it out to Mr. Larry Rieck himself to print and have ready for the recording session early November.

              I am hoping to have it done within 4 days from now but you never know what will happen or something like what happened yesterday and have to be prepared for the worst if it happens. However I am giving myself till Saturday at the latest and Sunday off so this way I can get prepared for Monday starting the next two seasons for December then so on from there. Anyways goals are good to have and sometimes they get met sometimes they don't but just keep on working heard and you will get there either way.


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