Sunday, October 18, 2020

Weekly Updates for 10-18-2020!

               Here are some of the updates for ChrisBOnTheWeb for this week and trust me it has been an interesting week. However I am not able to discuss certain things as it pertains to the future of this website and it's content especially. Don't worry it's nothing bad, it's really good news actually and in time you guys will know what is in the plans in the future. Anyways here are the updates:

Website: Nothing has changed with the website, since changing over to being on my own with the help of the 3 that are helping me out to being a success. I am leaving the website as it is for now as I had a chat on the website but someone decided to report it so I just removed it all together as it is not really worth it and if I did a podcast live it wouldn't be off the website since people wanna falsely report the chat for no reason, so it goes back to that same problem I had back on my first ever team. So if I did a podcast live more then likely off our Facebook Fan Page at this point.

Entertainment Man Podcast: As you guys know, I have pre-recorded podcasts and at this point of the podcast, I see things are going very well for this podcast and I wouldn't change anything that I have planned in the way of content but minus maybe not talk about podcasting week after week but it is coming to a slow down and this week's isn't podcast related actually. It's about websites actually and I can confirm that officially 2 hours prior to the links going public to you guys.

Power Rangers Podcast: Finally this collab, I'm sure you want a bit of an update. I am working hard to get the podcasts done so we can try and get back into a better rhythm for the first 2 new two episodes of the renewal schedule. So if we have to stretch Wild Force, Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder we will so this will be a great idea and kind of what we are doing with Wild Force at this moment. Speaking of that Power Rangers Wild Force Collaboration Podcast is being recorded... ready for this? FIRST WEEK IN NOVEMBER! That's right we are set to return in November and you guys do not know how excited I am to return to this finally! Look forward to recording, editing and posting it here on the website.

               There are the updates for the week and not much to say other then what I said above and I'm sure I will hopefully have an update by next weekend on the state of Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast especially as I know you guys are wondering when the next recording is as it is all over the place and trust me I am trying the best I can to fix that issue within the end of this year early next year at the most. Larry knows what is going but anyways I will see you guys on tomorrow's post.


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