Friday, October 16, 2020

Instagram Changed Some Settings!

              Instagram finally did something about the unwanted private messages that you get from people sending you inappropriate links or messages which I have been getting a lot lately. Twitter hasn't been bad at all really and I did open up DM's to everyone but I recently closed it as I wanna take things a little differently with business side of what I do and anything to do with guest appearances on podcasts or sponsorship opportunities I want done through the email most of the time. However for Instagram to make these changes which I never saw about a week ago, so it really must of been the update recently on my IPhone7 and why I am now seeing this very setting. So soon as I saw this immediately I turned off messages from anyone that doesn't follow me. If anyone outside need to get in touch they can follow me or use the email within my website if it is really important and related to my content but enough was enough with the random people adding me to random groups for no apparent reason and the inappropriate links and what not and trolls. I am so happy with this change and it will bring down the amount of spam I get on Instagram especially.

               So, Instagram you definitely did the right thing adding this feature to the website or the app depends how you use it and I actually use both. I use the App when I am away from the computer and studio most of the time.  When I am here in the studio it's the Instagram on the computer via the website. Anyways this was a long time coming for them to make the changes and I am really happy they did it. So that is my post and you can tell I am excited because I am, I am very much excited that they have made these adjustments and I wish I could of mentioned this idea to them but it is hard to get in touch with them, yet it is tough to get in touch as Facebook now owns and operates Instagram as well. Wish there was a way to recommend that feature. 


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