Friday, October 23, 2020

What Do I Think About The Amazing Race 32?

             As two weeks have now passed by with the show and I want to take the time and talk about the show so far. I really like this season and the fact they have been going to new locations like Trinidad and Tobago, I think Columbia as well but either way I am enjoying it. This week we also saw the return of the Yield which hasn't been around for years now and I started to think about everything I said on my final episode of Everything About Reality TV Podcast was to a tee so far and honestly I think I may be straight on. I heard next week the return of the Double UTurn which if I remember correctly I also mentioned that. I hope they throw in a Fast Forward in there as well eventually. I am sure it might happen. It is really nice to see some familiar tasks or elements to the race. The fact they are going to new locations is really good and it is nice to see that. I am not sure fi they have been to Trinidad and Tobago or Columbia ever in the race's history and I do not think so.

              Either way this season is very interesting and honestly I don't have a team that I do not like. I like every team equally. My picks that I have made is De Angelo & Gary, Kaylynn & Haley, Cheecee & Hung and Kellie and Lavonne which Kellie and Lavonne was eliminated from the race this week so I am now down a team which is OK as only one team can ultimately win this race technically. I cannot wait to see the return of the double UTurn and if there is a team that will be double UTurning anyone next week. I do remember the Double UTurn and wish they'd bring it back sooner but I am happy they actually brought it back.  I wish they'd bring back the intersection which was also mentioned on an old episode of my podcast and if I remember that is when teams worked together if I remember and again it's been a while since seeing that. Either way I am very impressed and wish they'd actually aired this sooner as we have been waiting 2 years since they filmed this season. Let me know what you guys think about this season in the comments below and I will see you in tomorrow's post!


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