Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Starting To Figure Out The Future of My Content!

                 I have started making changes for the future of content. First change is Power Rangers Podcast. It is sounding like an hiatus from the Collaboration Podcast series is going to happen once "Dino Thunder" is complete and during the hiatus I will be working on SPD, Mystic Force & Operation Overdrive and Jungle Fury. I am looking into recording in April or May and also July for both Larry and I which I mentioned above those are the next ones on the list followed by RPM and Samurai which brings us into a another renewal which I am sure will be tough once again for us to renew. This is the only concern in the way of content for me to be honest and it will be tough as I do not have an manager now at this point and I am am pretty much on my own with Tiala and Larry Modding for my page at this moment.  So now it is about me getting things back on the right track for my content at this moment.

                Things are coming along very slowly at this moment and after ranting and raving at Larry yesterday, think we have an understanding the pressure is indeed on. We will figure this out eventually and either way we will be back to recording in 2021 at some point and it is about him and I catching up what we are doing right now first before we move into the next phase of the podcast. Don't forget we have 12 months in a year to get things done so plenty of time. We hope to get back to a more normal schedule March, July and October in 2022 and next year will be a little different from our normal schedule but we could see an earlier recording but I will let you guys one way or another.  We're making some moves so we can get content back on track. At least you guys get Entertainment Man Podcast in the meantime while you wait for a new Collab to come out since it takes time to prepare it and have it ready to go plus you also have these posts on a daily basis.


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