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Thursday, October 29, 2020

Elementary School I Drove By Yesterday and Memories.... (Throwback Thursday Story)

 Yesterday, I got a chance to go for a small 15 - 30 minute trip down to the lake and I passed by my old elementary school when I was in Grade 7 and I'm talking 21 years ago since I left this school. Unfortunately it has recently closed down which the school board decided to shut it down. I got a close up picture and the windows I captured, I'm sure was my classroom was in there and I can bet you anything on that. I remember once we do a morning group session and yes I was in a special class and for those who didn't know I have autism and was in a special class to help me. Anyways one of the staff ended up in a laughing fit and I was doing the "your crazy thing" going round and round by my ear and she gave me the look like what the heck are you doing. She left the class till she settled down. Last time I ran into her was when Zellers was still a thing here in Ontario which no longer exist anymore. 

                  Also I remember we took walks behind into the bush by the river and another time we took a trip down to the lake which was only a 10 - 15 minute walk down. I remember I actually found  a fossil on a rock and I wish I kept it. I know better to keep the neat looking rocks. I have a lot of memories there and it is unfortunate that it has now closed down. I remember the Principal and Vice Principal's name Mr Barkwill aka Mr Broccoli as one of my classmates nicknamed him and Mrs. Chambers. How the heck do I remember their names is beyond me. I remember I got kicked off the bus for a while for misbehaving and I didn't get along with the driver till I went to the other school 2 towns over the  following year. Once last thing I want to say is one of the drivers whom I think replaced our normal driver. Anyways Debbie who has since passed away was one of my all time favorite bus drivers of all time. So funny, and everytime we got near the train tracks near my end here, everyone would say, train, train, train and Debbie and I use to say no, no, no. Was a moment I will always remember. She was a dispatcher at the school bus company and I heard her voice once when I was in High School and I got a chance to say hi to her through the CB Radio, haha.