Wednesday, May 15, 2019

I Miss You Guys! I've Not Been Myself...

           I felt like writing to you guys to say I miss you guys a lot. I haven't been myself lately. As you know my high school teacher has passed away and it's really affected me as he meant the world but I am going to do a post about him next week remembering him next week as right now I am not ready right now.  If I wrote it I know I will be pausing as I will tear up but that's ok, I'm mourning and this is why I have paused majority of the content that has gone out minus the podcast which will be out tomorrow as normally and I will be in bed at 11 pm no later and up early enough to record and start editing in the morning so I can get this out later but other then that no blog posts between today and Saturday and with Saturday being the first post back and I should be OK but I needed time off from some of the content. Some of the content, I cannot shift around the timetable for that but trying to stay on a normal regular schedule. What have I been up to for the last few days? Well I took the weekend and Monday off and yesterday started to work on Power Rangers In Space which I am so close and today more then likely I will be finished finally! Which means the announcement is more then likely coming to the blog and also to social media and what to expect. 

              I haven't been myself honestly with dealing with the passing of my teacher and kind of why I have been MIA from the blog and at times very, very quiet on social media.  I am still pretty much still around but not been active on the site too much like I would like to but I need to make my return and been fighting it to when I want to return and this is why I have made the decision to write a post to update you where I have been. Anyways I will be back again very soon and thank you for understanding and my next post is definitely coming on Saturday and again I miss you guys and we will chat soon but in the meantime please do take care and if you need to reach out, I am on Twitter/Instagram if you need me or wanna say hi, I am going to still continue to update throughout the next couple of days and working on the Power Rangers Podcast and what not.


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