Saturday, May 18, 2019

I Have Returned To

            I am back finally! I have been AFK most of the week dealing with the passing of my High School Teacher but I did post on Wednesday to let you guys know where I was and I know it wasn't a long post but this one will be a bit longer. I can say during this week, I got finished watching Power Rangers In Space finally and started or tried to start typing up the notes as something always seem to come up but it has started and will take a few days to actually write it then print it off and I need to make a run to Staples Tuesday before I go to my appointment to pick up two things, a second camera as they other one broke so fast and wish I never got it from Best Buy but I want to get one like the one I had before this kind I have now and also some ink as well as I am running off of color right now. I just will not have the time to go to Walmart so it is best I just go to Staples for this time around. Soon as I get back all hell breaks loose with CBOTW, making Staff changes and Billy is still with me, he's going nowhere. I just didn't needed to come back to staff drama when I am still dealing with loss right now and I was shaking really bad I started to throw things around the studio denting more of the wall in the studio. I just do no know if I want to continue on with the YouTube platform now with everything that has transpired today but i still got Larry and Steven as mods and I am sure I will end up getting more down the road especially. 

             So this weekend I want to primarily work on Power Rangers Podcast notes for In Space and get it typed up. I may just go to the Local Walmart or as Larry calls it the local Snowmart... LOL! I know I am trying to lighten the mood after the night I had last night. That is my main focus for the weekend is to finish up the notes and I think I will get out tomorrow and go to Staples as I didn't really sleep much last night. If I can I will definitely try to finish up the Power Rangers Podcast. There is not much more on my timetable minus having to the channel trailer for Everything About Reality TV's YouTube channel which probably done next week (this upcoming week) to introduce you guys to the channel if you are new to the channel especially. One thing I do have to say now since the notifications don't work half the time is to ring the notification bell or hit the notification bell so this way you guys are notified. I am so pumped to what is going to come next for CBOTW, website, podcasts and the blog as well!


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