Sunday, May 19, 2019

Planning To Do A Modded Minecraft Eventually!

           As you know, I have been quite absent from the game recently but not gone far from the gaming world when I do have the extra time as things are getting crazy for me right now. Now if you remember my ChrisBOnTheWeb channel on Twitch before it got banned, I did an entire playthrough almost but the point of me finding the end portal was off stream after I pretty well got trolled off by a 13 year old harassing me after being banned and coming back into the room under a new name but I did finish it off with the help of one of my Twitter followers which i honestly not sure if they are following me still but he helped me out after I found the actual portal that is when I asked for help and defeated the Ender Dragon first shot. Anyways I tried numerous types of mods and had some issues with it. However I think I am definitely on for trying one particular mod and that would be the space age mod... Now yes I have tried it and had some fun but ran into a couple of things and problems as I needed cactus to help build the things I need. I am totally unsure how to do certain things as there is some technical stuff that I have to figure out. I know what I need to do to get ready to take off but I have yet to build the rocket but definitely going to figure things out.

             When I plan on going back into Minecraft, I just do not know when I will get back into it I just cannot wait but the Space Age mod is the one I actually plan on doing. I have become quite familiar with the mod but I kind of drifted away from it and started playing games such as Rocket League, The Binding of Isaac and The Messenger are the games I have been playing when I have the time to play and once I finish up with that but yes I have been thinking about Minecraft but from a creative stand point, I just do not know if I really have the time right now but we will see. I need to have time to really play as right now Everything About Reality TV Podcast is taking over my life right now and I haven't yet stopped since end of February and still going on the 10th Season at the moment and not sure when the finale will be right now. Also add on the Power Rangers Podcast returning soon as I have hinted yea I do not think I have the time to do one right now. Also with the 11th season of Everything About Reality TV soon arriving it is going to be tough to make the time. However down the road when things settle down probably will get the chance to actually play more games but we will see definitely what my timetable we be like. 


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