Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Everything About Reality TV Podcast Updates...

         I know I have been very radio silent and haven't been recording as often as you guys wish but we are now on a 1 episode a week and things are quieter then it was 2 weeks ago. As you know I did something with the YouTube channel you guys didn't think I'd do and delete it all together. I think it is best to stick to the Audio ONLY.  Anyways with the podcasts 10th Season coming slowly to an end as this week we will be half way through Amazing Race's 31st season, yes I have been thinking about in between the seasons as I now do have confirmation for the 11th season but I am waiting on one of the shows for confirmation for the summer but already have been writing the post for sometime in June. Anyways this post is about the off season podcasts and will there be off season podcasts? I really do not know as we have 6 weeks left but do not know if Amazing Race will have double episodes down the road but I am sure if we go single episode with 1 or 2 more doubles we would be done before Big Brother 21 starts so it could a no off season podcasts situation but that's OK with me if it ends up this way with a no off season Podcast. I will just move into the 11th season and transition into the very next season. 

           Now as for the 11th season, I am planning only 2 podcasts a week, one being Amazing Race Canada an one being Big Brother 21 as I have ton of family things happening this summer plus I am planning to travel out east to Boston with family so I do need to go once a week for both recaps so it will be a bit more difficult then I expected but I am planning to hopefully just before I go out east to actually so I wanna try recording on the road while I am out but rather not if that is the case and what real time will I have to record a podcast while I am out honestly but it could work for me but we will see what the heck happens and if I can pan out a schedule that works for me but it would depend how long of a trip it would be so I probably end up getting a laptop for the trip this way I can record while on the road and yet still enjoy the trip one way or another but I will let you guys know once U decide what the plan is.

           Right now it is hard to decide on the summer schedule and if it is truly worth to get a laptop and it really does depend how long I will be away but that is the only thing that is really stopping me right now is holidays but definitely deserve a holiday here and there so it is a tough decision to make. Really with family, I am not sure when we will and if we will have the time to go away with both my aunt from Alberta and aunt and uncle from British Columbia are coming, it is hard to say right now if we will be going but will definitely will be trying to get away even for a week, week and a half at the most. I could just double up on podcasts for the 2 weeks if worse came to worse but I will be talking to my parents today at some point to find out more and next week I will do an update next week on Sunday to let you guys know what is what but yet again, I haven't got a complete summer schedule yet so it will be the waiting game till I know the release date for The Amazing Race Canada comes out and again I will let you know.


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