Friday, March 29, 2019

Big Brother Canada Recaps on Everything About Reality TV....

               As I mentioned on social media and the first podcast of this week, I have stopped the live feed coverage, however I added a few notes of some things that were said on the feeds about Double Eviction and Triple eviction talk but that's it pretty much. Other then that I have covered the actual episodes and still manage to have a good length of an episode and honestly I loved it and I think you guys really enjoyed it too as I saw a great stride on the feeds recently and once again the emails are once again pouring in! I am sure you guys are liking the changes I made and this is why I asked you guys on social media if you want me to pull the live feed part of that podcast as it wasn't very popular so it has made a difference on things. Now the schedule if you are all wondering is it going to change? Is it going back to once a week? The answer to that is No. It is staying the same as it is still a great idea to actually cover so the schedule goes as follows:

Tuesday's: 8 pm EST- Big Brother Canada 7 Sunday Recap

Thursday's: 8 pm EST- Survivor Edge of Extinction Recap

Friday's: 8 pm EST- Big Big Brother Canada 7 Wednesday & Thursday Recap

                This way it makes it much easier for me and also when it comes down to the finale week, Larry and I only have to cover the two days not all 3 days plus him and I have a ton to cover especially for the finale so it is easier. I thought of this idea back last year but refused to go with the idea which wasn't a smart move honestly but wish I did make the move sooner then last year but slowly but surely. Also this change and the scheduling staying the same will take off the amount of pressure at the end of the week especially and I know 3 podcasts a week is a lot of work but worth it in the end.  Nothing is changing in the way of schedule but it helps the stress levels on me especially and I like the way I have the podcasts formatted now then I had it last year at this time. Change is good and I am definitely getting better at the change aspect of things. 


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