Wednesday, March 27, 2019

I'm Already Thinking About Studio Renovations!

            I know the start of studio renovations hasn't started yet but I am starting to picture the whole entire new setup here and I am planning on changing things around indefinitely! However first I need to get the desk rebuilt first and fixed up as it is a cheap Walmart desk. Now I am not saying Walmart if bad, it has done me well for the last several years since and it isn't the strongest then it use to be but that is the first side of the plan is the assess the desk as it is because when I move it the sides are not strong so that is the first issue to deal with then the desktop is the last thing as I am making this a bigger desk top and more room and especially for guest in my studio, it sure will make things easier and I think we are adding in the studio by June a second boom arm for the second microphone that we have in the studio for guests that come in to join in on a podcast! As part of the renovations and the additions I am going to add I plan on getting flags for my boom arms with the CBOTW emblem on it. 

            Also I am planning add in on top of the whiteboard a cork board for notes, schedules and also my niece and nephews pictures they have made me. Also after the reno is done, I am working on getting up a new clock on the wall and definitely posters all over and I am sure my niece and nephew will help me with poster ideas. I am already thinking Minecraft, The Binding of Isaac and Star Wars posters will be up on the walls of my studio space. But that may be way too many posters in the studio I would have to chose at least two of em to put up as I wouldn't wanna over do it honestly. However I do want to decorate the studio to my specifications. Also as I have mentioned before I am moving around the desk. It is OK to start thinking about it and I have even talked to my uncle about it and he's recommended wood board instead of wall board but I do have to ask him if it is paintable or not. Either I am always planning in my head and getting stoked to fix this studio up and start a new setup for the space I record in. 


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