Tuesday, March 26, 2019

We Need To Talk About Everything About Reality TV Podcast....

         I Got a goal for Everything About Reality TV and yes I have been working hard on the longer episodes but according to a poll I did a while back, you guys preferred quality over quantity so they does help me quite a lot too. I am finding out I look at the program I am recording and it is 30 minutes or more. I just love making content. However there is still room for improvement and I need to address this, I have recently lost 2 subscribers on the Castbox platform and I have made up and have posted up the podcast close to on schedule. I guess you guys got tired of it but I thank those who stuck with it despite the schedule but don't forget the podcast has only been on Audio ONLY for 2.5 years so it will take time for people to find the podcast on there but there is other platforms that are listened to. So goal # 1 is to get the podcast up on the day it is suppose to be up not the next day or the day after. It may take some time to get a good rhythm going again but with me running back and forth from here to the studio, my timetable right now is out of sync so it could be a late post tonight it could not be. That is why I said you can follow me on social media: Twitter/Instagram @ChrisBOnTheWeb constantly in case something like this happened. I should of rescheduled today but making an effort to get it up today. Another goal to get a longer podcast I need to expand on my points which I have been doing and I would like to get more of my opinion not just taking what is off my notes what was said. Not sure if you guys are liking the live feed ideas so over the next day I may go back to the Friday episodes on top of the Survivor I will do that, twice a week not the 3 times a week. No live feeds as you guys seem to not care and maybe it is best to move forward that we do the recaps 

          I definitely in room for improvement, I think it is what you guys want well, we will see what happens and I always think about you guys first. Now I am not doing a public poll but my Alumni and I are in discussions and I opened a poll over Twitter for over the next 2 days and we will figure out why I am losing subs and how to repair the issues. Like I said, if I have to I will go back to the bare bones of the podcast with the BB Canada which that is what I think is one of the main issues. Survivor Recaps are doing quite fine, I think it comes down to fact you guys are not interested in hearing live feed stuff on the recaps so I think that definitely has a factor in it. That could be it's own podcast alone if I wished but I think I know what the heck is going on and end of this week, may result to schedule change next week which I will announce on a second blog post at the end of this week so fair warning, there may be an additional Friday Post or a switch on Friday's post. I wanna make things right and make it right fast as I do not wanna go back to restarting from the start of things. 


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