Monday, March 25, 2019

If I Stayed on YouTube, I Probably Would of Still Walked Away Anyways...

          This question always crossed my mind over the years of me transitioning into the Podcaster and Blogger life. However, If I stayed on and created a separate channel for Everything About Reality TV Podcast on top of the channel I had in June of 2016, then I probably wouldn't last very long on the platform. What do I mean by that? Well, I probably last about an additional year on the platform, due to the fact of the Adpocolypse and Family Friendly content, so my stay on YouTube would of been a short additional time from me going from having an actual team to being on my very own. But I would of definitely separate from the vlogging channel to the channel for the podcast as well. I would of separate from the two indefinitely!  I feel stupid that I never separated the podcast to a separate channel from the main video with pranks and vlogs but it is what it is now and that channel does not even remotely exist now anyways. Would I posted to both of the channels? Of course I would of! I would of done the occasional vlog from time to time when I was out or something major that happened around the studio, especially the changes with the space as my series was really, really over for me as the interest level in continuing the series wasn't doable at the time and we just couldn't do it anymore as also the ideas were not there anymore.

             Did I make the right decision to leave when I did yes. Would staying being there for an additional year as 2017 was not the greatest year? It would be a greatly difficult transition to making a podcast on there I probably would end up being demonetized and also flagged as sometimes there is a curse word that comes out on the podcast but with Audio ONLY I can get away with it not like YouTube's algorithm, clickbait titles. I know I sound like another YouTuber who said this but I agree! He uses his app now which he can curse all he wants. This is what I am doing with Everything About Reality TV and of course I cannot forget The Power Rangers Podcast as well. I am utilizing my website, a ton more then I did before which is good. It is good I am doing that. But the answer to the question how long would I lasted on the platform? Probably 1 more year more, then I would of been gone again to focus on my website more and Audio ONLY Podcasts, I just couldn't see myself lasting very long, it would of short lived honestly. In the end of the day thinking about it almost 3 years later, I made the right choice to what I am doing to this very day and I have no regrets whatsoever and YouTube is now a part of my past as I am focusing on the present day.


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