Tuesday, March 5, 2019

How Do I Handle 2 Podcasts In A Day?

            This is a very good question, and it is actually easy to answer for you guys. It is easy now then it was before and I have learned to keep a schedule. For example if I have one podcast, I would record early morning which I will be doing with Survivor Edge of Extinction this Friday. Then in the early afternoon, I would be recording the next one which is what I am planning with the BBCAN7 podcast that will be coming out this week. I just hope I can make this schedule to work especially with a 3 podcasts a week schedule coming up but I can say this, I am so pumped up for another amazing season. There has been other seasons where I have had to do 3, last year with the new addition to the podcast (Music City CMT) and I believe the year before that with BBCAN5, Amazing Race & Survivor on the list. I can say those days before was quite more difficult but now I find it a piece of cake to finish.

                 Usually between the podcast and the afternoon recording session, I will take a tiny bit of a break before getting straight into the next session and I have been using this method since the start of the Power Rangers Podcast with Larry where we took a bit of a break from things to get re-energized for the next one. Honestly it has helped out a lot too. I mean it has given me time to edit a bit and re-load Audacity with the intro and the voice track on the program. I try to work things so I am completed by certain times like the second podcast that is coming out Friday by 5:30 pm EST so this way I can export it and get logged on to upload it to all the appropriate platforms that the podcast  I know with a double podcast day, I have to time everything precisely so I am going to remain on schedule for the day. Sometimes, this blog posts isn't on time but I try to get it out still by the evening at the most. Sometimes I will do like  6 pm and 8 pm post up but like I announced Sunday I am doing 1 pm and 8 pm EST as I know I am going to be home the entire day. One way or another I am have gotten better at handling two podcasts a day as I have had the experience of 2 podcasts a week.


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