Thursday, March 14, 2019

Funniest Moments On Set (Throwback Thursday Story)

             I originally had a Throwback Thursday story that was podcast related but you guys have already have had 2 days in a row now with podcast related content and I honestly need to change things up for this week but I do plan on doing that throwback Thursday story another week as I didn't realize I had too many of a similar topic.  Anyways today's post is about the funniest moments on set and I have a bunch of em I would like to talk today and  was talking about it back on Monday with Eric and he had to bring one of em up I will be talking about but there is another post I wanna talk to later as well and it is in the back of my mind. Anyways first of all I may as well bring this one up, Eric and the CD player after I opened it as it was still going round and round and he said whoa and a curse word which is still to this day on my old YouTube channel the # 1 viewed video with 300 + views will always be remembered as one of the best episodes that I will ever remember that I have ever recorded. Another episode is the running jokes and the constant cursing which mind you now if the group did exist still, now we wouldn't be able to curse like we were originally.

             There is jokes where we always poked fun at one another and I started to give Eric nicknames, Larry and Justin nicknames and the list goes on and on with the ways we always poked fun. There was a moment as I have spoken about this in a separate post but Larry flipping the bird at the camera which at first like I said, I wasn't happy at first but then I kind of laughed it off but it was a fun time even with Larry on set too. Also the constant pranks I pulled from Eric being booed on an intro on Ep # 27 to Dave's ex being booed on April Fools Day. We had so much fun on set and I tried to make it a fun experience but not everything was fun and games, there was days where I was stressed out and I sure wasn't afraid to let out my frustrations on set but other days I was cool as a cucumber. In retrospective, it was a fun time with the fun on set and the laughs, bloopers and goof ups and there is probably more moments but I am sure I cannot always fit it into a post but all the moments are indeed memorable. 


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