Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Putting The Power Rangers Collab Podcasts on Hold Again!

            With Survivor: Edge of Extinction and Big Brother Canada 7 underway now, I can officially say I am in a busy schedule now and which means the prep work for the Power Rangers Podcast is on  hold again which is disappointing to me and to you guys, but I have no time to be working on it and there is plans once Big Brother ends to start grinding to get it done but right now is not the right time or place for it. This is why I told Larry I was going to and planning on a hiatus as I didn't plan on this hiatus happening, I really didn't get planning ahead of schedule so I was able to record between Celebrity Big Brother US 2 and also Survivor and Big Brother Canada 7 where both him and I could of slipped it in there but I didn't and I should of scheduled things better as I knew March is usually the time him and I record the podcast but I have taken the extended hiatus from it and probably is the best move for me and it gives me a break from everything as both Larry and I have grind so hard and we sure as heck at this point deserve the break and least now I can focus on the task at hand which I am currently working on at this current time.

             However for right now my primary focus is on the two shows, the live feeds and the current season for Everything About Reality TV with 3 podcasts a week which will take time with recording the podcast, editing the podcast then getting it ready to be posted up in the evenings but like I said I have my tools and schedule when things are done and it helps. However, the Power Rangers Podcasts is NOT going away anytime soon. It is not over yet for the collaboration podcast as there is plenty more episodes coming just right now I do not have the time to do the prep work but consider this a break for now but plenty more to come. Maybe I will figure out a better schedule and timetable to releasing it and probably why we only record twice a year at the most.  However with twice a year, comes 2 episodes at a time which is great 4 episodes a year at the most. This week I will be doing a schedule diagram this way I know what is what coming out when and when to start planning, etc. So in closing in today's blog post, stay tuned to social media for updates on both Twitter and Instagram as announcement will be coming in the next 2 months to when recording is back into session and when it will be released as I can guaranteed it is going to be back very, very soon!


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