Thursday, March 5, 2020

My Favorite Big Brother Canada Houses-- Rankings

              With watching the Big Brother Canada Premiere last night and Eric here, I got inspired to do this post. Now this was actually inspired before the premiere aired here in Ontario. So today's post is about my favorite houses throughout the seasons from 1 to 8. I think this is a fair list but here is my rankings for the houses past and also the current house for this season of Big Brother Canada Season 8:

1) Big Brother Canada 8- The Comic theme; I know it's early in the season right now but I love this theme idea for this year.

2) Big Brother Canada 7- The Spy theme; Loved the idea of James Bond kind of theme and it is definitely up there on my list.

3) Big Brother Canada 5- Space Ship; Another amazing theme and unfortunately was the last one before the hiatus which was short lived. However that is besides the point. Anyways it was the perfect theme for what was an epic season with half newbies and half vets.

4) Big Brother Canada 4- BB Grand/Hotel; Was one of my other personal favorites with the hotel like kind of theme. It was also fitting for our International guests that we had in the house, Nikki Grahame and Tim Dormer.

5) Big Brother Canada 6- Heaven & Hell; What a way to come back to a season after a hiatus and a season to give back to the fans this year for bringing the show back with a bang of a season!

6) Big Brother Canada 3- Steam Punk; Not a bad theme but it is not on the top of my list for seasons, however I liked the fact they had nothing in the house to start with and had to earn it back.

7) Big Brother Canada 2- Theme???;  Not sure really the theme for this season but I knew it had flowers but unfortunately at the bottom of my list as it wasn't my favorite seasons out of the 8 seasons of the show that we have had.

8) Big Brother Canada 1- No Real Theme, More Downtown Toronto theme I guess; As I said in the intro to this one out of the 8 seasons. Anyways, this was the first season and you would think this would be higher and not saying the season stunk but all the seasons were good this is the themes for each season for the ranking.

              That is my rankings and do you agree with me? Please let me know in the comments below. Also I realize this is early to post up and I should of waited till end of the season to do this but hey, I decided to do this now instead as this was fresh in the back of mind. Until the next post tomorrow.


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