Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Recorded My First Episode of The Entertainment Man Podcast!

                Yesterday I got to record my very first episode of The Entertainment Man Podcast which I was both nervous and also excited in the same aspect. However, I really enjoyed myself and enjoyed recording and spilling a lot of the secrets why I have this podcast which I said in the podcast I will be slowly revealing things to you guys. However, I do not want to spoil the episode for you guys honestly but you will see what I mean when it is released. However, after this episode that I recorded yesterday, I feel good actually. I feel really good about this episode and I noticed I was laughing a lot more then I have been in the last year. I think that stress I use to have is now gone and I can have fun with podcasting with different podcasts. Anyways, the podcast is coming out Sunday afternoon at 1 pm EST as I made a change in time and it is currently on and I will be talking about what platforms that I am going to put it on and I rather wait till you guys hear it. I am just excited to post it up and excited for Sunday and wish Sunday would come sooner but patience is a virtue. I honestly cannot get over how excited I sound. Honestly yesterday I was feeling down that Everything About Reality TV Podcast ended but something sparked me and inspired me to record a podcast yesterday.

             I am currently editing or have edited the podcast and it is waiting for the next step which is going to be putting up the actual episode. Now I just have to wait the couple of days before it goes up so I can start on other projects which next week, I am going to be starting the next seasons of Power Rangers Podcast. So what I am trying to say I have a lot more time for other projects. I cannot wait for you guys to hear it and please enjoy episode 1. It may not be as long as I wanted but quality over quantity honestly however I wrote this post bright and early this morning I have to finish editing the podcast and have it on standby for the start of next week. I still have to put a schedule together when I record and editing schedule and of course add in the post and this is why I need my whiteboard back on the walls of this studio. Anyways enjoy the episode this weekend and any questions or even ideas for an episode please do let me know! This is the start of a whole new beginning for me and CBOTW and this is just the start!


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