Monday, March 23, 2020

Learning Basic Poker With My Mom!

            For those who don't know on my downtime that I have between the workload which mind you right now it is very limited what I can do and photocopying is not in the plans right now as you guys know I am going into a week stuck at home and sounds like I will be stuck here at home for quite sometime now.  However as you know I have spent sometime with my parents. Quite a lot of time and been shutting down the studio for hours on end to spend time with them. I haven't been to church as the masses been cancelled, however I have started to watch the mass on Facebook or the St. Micheal's Cathedral website so either way I get the mass on a daily basis. Now the title of this post is not what I have been up to lately, it's more like I have started to learn how to player straight up poker on my spare time and honestly, I have become extremely good at it too. I have learned so much and I can see why I am honestly a fast learner at anything that I do. However I plan on calling my grandma to ask her a question on the game but I am for the most part pretty smart what I need to throw away and what I need to keep to try and get the better hand.

             Either way I am definitely having fun with it and I have played before as this isn't the first time I have played the game but my mom had to reteach me how to play the game so I had an understanding. We had one round where we actually had an open hand which means our cards was visible to one another.  However after the first round, I picked up very quickly and since then have done well since. It is fun and honestly I am not ready for any kind of poker like Texas Holdem yet but maybe in the very nearby future. I am sure today I will be playing a round of cards with my mom and who knows I may actually go out to see my grandma with my mom and maybe that will bring my sanity back as I haven't been far in the past week and to get into the car would be nice but that is besides the point of this post. I wish I had old pennys which isn't used to just use em like poker chips and see who gets more as a more of a challenge but we can always check and see what we have. I may somewhere have a poker set and with chips and I can always steal them from that but will have to wait and see honestly. Either way it is definitely a fun game to play and does get rid of my boredom fast.


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